On the contrary

A lot of who we are comes down to what we’re not. We’re not a dog-and-pony show. We’re Brooklyn Dog and we’re very happy to turn headaches into high-fives under hair-trigger deadlines. It’s a strange passion, but we’re quite happy to own it.

We’re not clock watchers or corporate old-dogs with 200 staff padding budgets so everyone eats. That’s not what we’re about.

We don’t need a Madison Avenue address or a logo created by 50 practicing monks on a wintery mountaintop. We’d rather put that money on the screen, big or small.

The weeds.

You wanna know who we are? We’re the ones you call at 3 am when you need a last-minute revision and your campaign launch is only hours away. We have only one “core value” – reliability. In our experience in this industry, if you’re not reliable, you’re pretty much nothing else.

Sounds cliche, but we’re with our clients even when we’re not.


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