Magnum Golden Gala

Brooklyn Dog was brought in late in the game to finish the editing on this tongue-in-cheek short that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, celebrating the US launch of Magnum’s luxurious new ice cream bar, Gold?!

“As Good as Gold,” starring Joe Manganiello and Brazilian model Caroline Correa, pits two art thieves against each other in a satirical high-fashion globetrotting game of cat and mouse.


Showcasing designer Zac Posen’s $1.5M 24-karat “liquid gold” gown, the film draws the audience into a fast-paced narrative of glamor, seduction and ice cream told from the perspective of a jet-setting art thief (Manganiello). “As Good as Gold” captures the luxe, high-life motif of the Magnum Gold?! branding and positions the product alongside priceless works of art in the heist of a lifetime.

Under industry-familiar tight timelines, Brooklyn Dog had to work quickly to meet the challenge, successfully wrapping up the project on schedule.


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