Break a

Brooklyn Dog worked in conjunction with the biometric visionaries at Lightwave to create this wearable-tech-integrated commercial for Degree deodorant, featuring singer and actress Becky G.

The post-production team came up with a solution to visually represent how Advanced Biometric Movement was being used to track the energy used to “Break a Sweat” during Becky G’s dance rehearsal.

Moving with Becky G.

Taking the post-production lead, we edited the spots, built the motion graphics, handled color correction and tweaked the audio to deliver a series of 30- and 60-second commercials along with 18 unique promotional assets for Target, Walgreens, Walmart and Pandora.

Key data was collected in real time by Lightwave’s sensor-based wearable devices was translated into 3D on-screen graphics during post-production.

In the final assets, viewers are given up-front access to Becky G’s dance rehearsal, where movement-related metrics (such as heart rate) track the energy she uses to “Break a Sweat” and are displayed as dynamic on-screen elements.


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