Adaptive Mobile Ads

With a 48-hour turnaround from creative to delivery, Brooklyn Dog completed the production and post-production of 14 consecutive weekly videos for this Unilever mobile ad campaign featuring hair designs currently trending on social media.

Week 1: Nexxus

Week 2: Suave

Week 3: Tresemmé

Week 4: Nexxus

Week 5: Suave

Week 6: Nexxus

Week 7: Tresemmé

Week 8: Dove

Week 9: Dove

Week 10: Nexxus

Week 11: Tresemmé

Week 12: Suave

This fluid 14-week video campaign showcased hair products from four brands under the Unilever umbrella – Dove, Suave, TRESemmé and Nexxus. The week’s hair trends were shot and brought into the hands of users on their devices, presenting them with contextually relevant content sourced each week from online social networks.

Body and Shine.

Once each week’s trending styles were identified, we delivered each video under short deadlines using our streamlined agile content production process. The results were voluminous.

This hugely successful campaign gave audiences content directly related to what they were already talking about on social media and allowed Unilever to join the conversation.


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